Fox Events

The primary focus is small group medium to long distance cross country land navigation. Basic training in navigation and tactical subjects is given and group objectives are assigned throughout the event. Along the way you will learn how to thoroughly read a map and use a compass. You will learn to read terrain and dead reckon through the forest.  You will also learn the basics of reconnaissance and surveillance, small unit tactics, survival and other devious skills.

The teams are pitted against one another, the harshness of the North Carolina sand hills back country, the elements and the OPFOR. 

There is no packing list (just some minor requirements for safety).  You will bring what you need to sustain yourself for 48 hours and rely on your team and potential resupply for needed items.  Minimal sleep will happen.  If you accomplish your objectives, maybe you will earn some shuteye.

Events range from 24 to 48 hours and are held under all (reasonable) weather conditions.